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2018 - The WRR: Card Game (Medvěd WRR: Karetní hra)
A family card game based on the original Czech book for kids “Medvěd WRR: Po přečtení zavřít”. In the book, the plushy bear WRR is lost in the old factory with the mysterious printing machine. Unfortunately, a few pirates escaped from the adventure book which wasn’t cl
osed after reading. The inventor of the printing machine, old turtle Edward, decided to hide four parts of the machine to other books because he’s afraid that pirates want to print some horrible stories. Of course, he’s old, so he forgets where are these missing parts. And here’s the quest for our bear. Find these parts for Edward sooner than pirates will do it. The object of the card game is similar. Players are collecting sets of cards with the bear in different costumes and searching for parts of the printing machine in books = decks of cards with parts and pirates. There are nine different characters from the book in the game, each with the unique ability. You can collect cards, play them for their abilities or try to find missing parts in books. The goal of the game is to collect four different parts of the printing machine.

2022 - The WRR: Railroad Mayhem (Medvěd WRR. poprask na kolejích)

"Full steam ahead!" Engineer Crocs ordered his chums. They were busy with keeping the steel locomotive on the rails. The train was full of fairy-tale creatures who have become poor victims of Crocs' villainous plan. Can you save all the creatures before the train reaches its final station, as the WRR? Be quiet so Crocs doesn’t catch you!

Medvěd WRR: Poprask na kolejích (The WRR: Railroad Mayhem) is a fast paced dice game based on the popular Czech book for kids.

The objective of the game is to gain and combine colored cars by rolling dice in a way they make one of the winning combos. The player to do so first wins.

2023 - Extraliga All-Stars 1993-2023

History of a Czech top tier ice hockey league in a nutshell. Card game where palyers drafts teams from 110 available cards of hockey players from 17 real clubs, builds their teams and competes in a fast dice-based matches.

Official licensed product.

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